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About Santa Paula High Schoool

Campus on the Hill otherwise known as Santa Paula High School, originally Santa Paula Academy, was founded in 1889. 51 students were in attendance. In 1891 Santa Paula High School was formally created and was housed in the old Academy structure. Thus, began the venerable Cardinal history of our Campus on the Hill. Our sport teams were featured in Ventura County.

The school building was replaced in 1915 with a classical style building approximately where the cafeteria is along Cardinal Way. This building was replaced in 1936 with the help of W.P.A. and the campus expanded with the main structures we now use. Santa Paula High School continued expanding with the addition of the 300's and the 400's wings in the early 1990's. Now we have our 21st century Science and Technology building which is now our 500's wing.

Center Courts

Campus on the Hill

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How It Happened

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